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The Symbolism & Meaning of SOAR

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The Beautiful Story of How Soar Was Named

In November, I went to visit my Uncle Johnny's grave for guidance and grief. My best friend Caitlyn came with me for support. While we were there, we were asking for signs. After some time of not receiving anything, we started joking around for very common things to be a sign, "If you are here with us, let a leaf fall off that tree." As you can see, we were desperate for answers, all in a good way. After some time, Caitlyn says, "Maybe he will come back as an eagle since he loved the team so much." Smiling with that decision, we said our peace and headed home.

When we went to leave, a vehicle was blocking the street, and we had to take an odd way home. The first street we see to turn on is "Eagle Drive." Both Caitlyn and I were in awe of the coincidence after she just stated, "Maybe he will come back as an eagle." In the excitement at that moment, we called my sister to tell her how cool that was. She suddenly reacts, shocked, and states, "Anna...two eagles landed in my backyard today..." All of us, in utter shock, asked what time she saw them land...oddly enough, she saw them at the same exact time we were at the cemetery. It can be rare to see one eagle in the wild in your lifetime...but two at this moment....unbelievable.

"Bald eagles often symbolize growth, rebirth, and transformation—seeing one after someone has passed could represent the soul's journey from the physical to the spiritual world ."

When visiting Uncle Johnny's grave, I asked for guidance on this project. This project was a year in the making, and I felt stuck on a name and a way to convey the project as best as possible. After a few weeks, I had the idea to utilize the eagles in the logo as a symbol and a sign from him. Then, my mom created the name SOAR as a "reflection of how you want others to feel when you watch it", and a strong connection to the eagle. 

The SOAR logo has a strong meaning and spiritual sign. And for me, none of that was a coincidence.  

-Anna Schickel, Creator

The Eagles photographed in my sister's backyard.


Uncle Johnny

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